quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

I guess I've gotten used to being invisible to you,but don't worry,I'm invisible to the whole world too.I'm finding it harder to breath,like somethings pushing on my lungs,but that weight gets lifted when the words of songs are sung.I guess what I'm saying is,songs are my life,if it weren't for that ,I wouldn't trust me with me a knife.I'm not one for open feelings,I'd rather keep them inside,I pretend that nothing gets to me,but I never let it slide.I know people don't read this,I don't know why I try,but I guess this is the place to be something more than shy.That's really all I'm known for,being the one who's always quiet,I'm always told to speak up,maybe I should try it.The thing is,I never wanted myself to be this way,and maybe,just maybe,it would change for me one day.But sitting here wishing got no one very far,
But I still try my luck when I see a shooting star.