segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

Been up to much?

Cook: Oh, you know.
Effy: I bet it's all action. Ballroom dancing in the morning, followed by a gin rummy tournament and bumming in the showers.
Cook: Yeah, I can barely sit.
Effy: We're coming to your trial thing tomorrow.
Cook: We?
Effy: Yeah. We. Freddie's worried sick.

Cook: I bet he is. Probably scared I'm going to get off and steal his woman again.
Effy: I love him, Cook. That's what I came to say.

Cook: How is the love?
Effy: It's a bit of a head fuck, to be honest. Not simple. I know you'd understand that. But I'm giving it a go. That's what I always loved about you, Cook. Brave.

Cook: Eff? Would you tell JJ... you know.